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Welcome to the new Vomitor web portal! this site will have Alot of updates over coming month's so check Back, Email the webmaster with broken links. Death Metal or DIEEEEEEE

News 30.8.03

Vomitor has Limited copys of the Violent Grave (re-issue) Rehearsal Tape "2002" with tracks, 1.Pain of Death 2.MX Warrior 3.Bleeding the Priest 4.Megalomaniac 5.Hunter for Blood 6.Midnight Madness 7.Terminal Torture 8. Cry from the Underground 9.Reapers Carrion. To get a copy contact Vomitor.

New photo's will be up soon from the Nunslaughter gigs, Some more Pissed photos and also new Band shot's. If anyone has Photos of Vomitor Live Please Email them here


The new VOMITOR album will be released by Metal Blood Music. Some tracks have been written already. No release date is set yet but anyone who has heard Vomitors debut BLEEDING THE PRIEST knows what to expect from these motherfukkers - Raw, Dirty, Death fukking Metal....