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Oath of Blasphemy Productions interview
with Death Dealer, aug,2002…..

1.Hails fucker what bands got you into metal and what
bands do you call an influence to you and your band?
Answer.1:for me the firts bands that got me into metal were Iron Maiden,Black Sabbath,Twisted Sister,AC/DC,Quiot riot,Deep Purple i went on listening to this stuff for a couple of years, then i heard Metallica, then slayer,Kreator,Sodom,Destruction and life never was the same again, completely possessed by Satan...influences on our music come from all over from heavy rock up to stuff like sarcofago/Blasphemy, only heaviness is the outcome.
2.How do you feel about the underground as it is know
and some of the shit they are calling black or
deathmetal today?
Answer.2:Its very sad to see the name of death/Black/Thrash etc. being draged through the mud, some would say our bad musicianship was a discrace, but at least we are fucking heavy, and put our bloody black heart to our stuff, we also try hard not to rip off riffs from the older bands, its a shame that this happens these days, shame ,shame ,shame...
3.What is a VOMITOR rehersal or recording session
like,give us a mental image of what we would see and
hear if we were a fly on the wall?
Answer,3:Lots of heavinesssssss, pain, hatred, Beer, Foul Language, and general fuckups and fucking about, lots of praising the flying V etc...if you were a fly on the wall you would be dead.

4.VOMITOR is no nonsence metal of death, i also here
some old punk influence( back when punk was agressive
and heavy,not the shit called punk these days),what
are some of your favorite old punk bands?
Answer.4:Thanx for the compliments, yes we try not to make the songs too complicated, just straight in your face total Death MEtalllll...i would say we have some punk influences too, stuff like GBH, Discharge etc, real heavy stuff, dirty sound and full of anti-everything hahaha, maybee soundwise we have some of the punk roughness, but musicwise Vomitor is all metal...
5.When can we expect some more hell hymns from you
Answer.5:We just finished recording our LP yesterday, "Bleeding the Priest" should be out late sept 2000 if all goes well at the pressing plant, it is on MetalBloodMusic(Sweden)trax list is,Funeral Dirge-Hunter for Blood/ Cries from the Underground/ Reapers Carrion/ Pain of Death/Bleeding the Priest/ Terminal Torture/ MX Warrior/ Megalomaniac// BEWARE.....
6.When not playing brutal metal or wrestling croc's what do you fucks do for fun?
Answer.6:Wrestling Big Crocs takes alot of energy so we relax with loud metal and Beer alot, start fights and generally be a pain in the arse to society hahaha, we also have big 4WD`s and V8`s, so endangered wildlife is usually being run down by us too haha..
7.what new release have you got that kicked your ass
if any, what new releases have let you down and pissed
you off?
Answer.7:New destroyer666 Lp is cool, a band from chile called Chainsaw ,italian Goatvomit, Throneum from poland, Bestial Mockery Lp, the new Portal Demo is bizzar.... dissapointments would be 90% of all releases today.... Sadly.

8.VOMITOR fucking slays, thanks for the interview, any
last words feel free to unleash.................
Answer.8:Megga Metalllll thanx for the support, may all your evil fantasies become reality, Total Death Metal or DIEEEEEE, Bleed for Satan Plead for Deathhhhhhhhh